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Website FAQ's

Graul’s school lunch’s website is;http://grauls.naturallunches.com. Set up an account, click add a student, enter the student information, pick your school and grade."

Once you have logged into/created your account, you can begin ordering. On the calendar pages, in the upper & lower, right hand corners, you will find the “Month” buttons. Use these buttons to navigate back & forth between months. After choosing your lunch options from the calendar pages, click “Checkout”. Please review your order. Once satisfied with your choices, click “Checkout” to submit your order. This will bring you to the payment page. If applicable, you will see how much money is available on your account from last year. You can then pay the balance with your credit card.

Below we have answered some parents’ questions;

  1. Moving between months: When you click the “Place Order” button, the current calendar month will appear. To move to the next month, click the month name in the upper/lower right hand corner; to move back a month, click the previous month in the upper/ lower left hand corner.
  2. Cancelling lunches: Click the “Cancel Order” button next to the student’s name. The calendar will appear. Click the box below the lunch on the date you wish to cancel. A pop up will appear to confirm “Are you sure?” Select “Yes”. A credit will be placed on your account.
  3. To view all transactions that have occurred, or to see your current account balance, click “Account History”. Click “View” to the right of the date for which you ordered lunches. The list of lunches selected for that order will appear.
  4. Days on which cannot be ordered or changed are shown as “Unavailable” on the calendar. These include days of the current week & days that Graul’s is NOT providing lunch for your school. Please note: we do not list every field trip or date with no lunch service, as some are short notice changes or only affect select students.
  5. Each Wednesday you will receive an email with the next week’s lunches that you have ordered. You will also receive an email confirmation for lunch orders or cancellations, if you do not log back into the site to check your order status.
  6. Please remember that ALL lunch orders MUST be entered for the next week no later than 4 a.m. on Friday morning. You are not able to place, change, or cancel orders after that time.
  7. To change a lunch choice, click the “Change Order” button next to the student’s name. On the day you wish to change, below the entrée, click the change button. A page will appear with the lunch choices. You can then choose another entrée. If you wish to cancel, click the cancel button below the entrée. Remember to click checkout to receive credit on your account.
  8. To see all the nutritionals for the lunch items, go to www.graulsmaket.com, on the school lunch page is a link to Nutritional Information.
There are a several videos posted on the “Help Videos” page. If you are still having problems, please contact Kate or Meredith at 410-308-2100.